Ashgrove Skin Clinic

Ashgrove Skin Clinic provides non-surgical aesthetic services which includes medical injection treatments, cosmetic facial injections and dermal fillers. Ashgrove came to us in need of a new brand and website to reflect their private aesthetic services independently from the umbrella of Ashgrove Surgery which had previously housed all cosmetic and aesthetic treatment information provided at the practice.

We provided Ashgrove with a modern, responsive website which allows them to explain their cosmetic and aesthetic services effectively to customers, but also make them aware that the treatments are performed by highly qualified, experienced consultants. The website was designed with a light green/blue palette, giving the website a clean and safe impression to the user. Along with this we ensured that there are many clear calls to action and areas of contact.

We also created the logo for Ashgrove Skincare which features a subtle reference to the Ash tree featured in their name, along with a modern typeface and clean colours to re-inforce the intended look and feel of the website.

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