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To ensure your online presence gets the maximum exposure when people search we can analyse, create, and deploy a tailored search engine optimisation (SEO) package that comes with both full performance tracking and monthly reports.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is simply how we make sure your brand and website is found by people exploring the internet. A combination of factors allow search engines like Google to form an overall picture of your website and it’s this information that forms the basis of where you appear for specific search terms. An effective SEO strategy both adapts and refines your website to ensure it’s correctly categorised by search engines and promotes it so that it’s seen by your target market.

Our SEO process is built first and foremost on analysis, where you are and where you want to be. Data about the behaviour of your website is combined with an understanding of your market focus, exploration of existing advertising, and a review of competitors to create a keyword focus and to highlight areas of potential. It’s from this that we can develop a tailored strategy for you that will advance your website specifically in the areas you need. This strategy is then translated into direct actions, deployed as a website specific combination of on-site changes to the underlying code, content driven recommendations, and onsite link building.

Real and effective solutions are as much as a focus with SEO as with other avenues for advertising and as part of all SEO packages we produce monthly reports that detail the results of the process. This enables both effective measurement and the provision of data that can then be fed into wider marketing campaigns.

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