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Tai Calon

As the largest social housing provider in its region, being able to provide information clearly and effectively was at the forefront of not-for-profit organisation Tai Calon’s branding and web design needs.

One of Tai Calon’s key objectives is to put their tenants at the centre of everything they do and this is reflected in their strapline – ‘at the heart of your community’. This fitted seamlessly with the ethos of the organisation and alongside their name, which roughly translates as ‘Heart Housing’. The strapline carried the double meaning, suggesting that Tai Calon is not just at the heart of the community but also that Tai Calon places its tenants at the heart of the community.

A graphic device named the Tai Calon ‘smile’ was introduced to ensure the logo was displayed clearly and prominently regardless of situation and assisted in creating consistency across different mediums. These elements were combined with carefully selected, vibrant colours and tenant based photography.

With tenants as the focus, an intuitive user experience was key for the Tai Calon website and became the aim of the design from the outset. Tai Calon had outgrown it’s previous website and, with the increasing use of devices, needed a responsive website to engage viewers and present content in a well structured and clear fashion.

The navigation was created so that the user could preview the section and its contents without having to click through, making sure the right section was accessed for the correct information. The main sections of the website were clearly listed as well as the three main sections on the site highlighted on the homepage.

Functionality such as a feature area to promote events and a ‘What’s On’ section were added to allow the website to deliver effective promotional messages to the viewer, as well as the ability to add an emergency block notifying tenants of alerts and up to date information regarding Tai Calon.

Overall, the website delivers information clearly and effectively to its audience allowing for an intuitive user experience which shows all that Tai Calon do. As well as allowing for a modern and attractive feel on any device, with mobile and tablet versions optimised to highlight key information.