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Scott Quinnell

Welsh rugby legend, Sky Sports rugby anchor, TV presenter, actor, and motivational speaker Scott Quinnell needed a brand and online presence to maximise the effectiveness of his international exposure.

A bold and physically imposing Welshman with a ready smile and unwavering commitment to good causes, Scott needed a brand to match his intensity. With regular appearances on TV and radio Scott generates a very large exposure and interest that in turn results in curiosity and strengthens his position as a public face. It was therefore important that he have a distinct and clearly recognisable brand. The solution; a bold paring of his name and angular speech mark that spoke to his current character and speaking work paired with a custom typeface and use of an unmistakably Welsh red that provided a visual tie to his incredible rugby career.

Simplicity was key for his website both for users to grab an overview of Scott and his activities, and to allow for him to upload thoughts and videos from his various events no matter how busy his schedule. The amalgamation of his social media activities in one place allows those discovering him for the first time to choose how they wanted to interact with him whilst the overview nature of the structure allows those in search of specific information to find it with the minimum of fuss – all highlighted by on site analytics which reveal a high organic search source, a low bounce rate, and directed traffic pathways.