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Property solutions specialists Rhomco approached us for branding, web design and graphic design of promotional materials to demonstrate the passionate, enthusiastic and innovative way in which their work is approached.

Since forming in Cardiff and London in 2007, Rhomco has grown rapidly, strengthening its position within the commercial property sector and beyond. A brand was needed to turn an existing logo into a visual statement to instantly convey the confidence and passion of this thriving business.

For their graphic design and branding we created bold visual statements designed to deliver these core messages in an impactful way, the Rhomco logo with its vibrant green placed onto a rich black background with slightly abstract yet strong imagery used to reinforce key messages in a visual statement. The combination of these factors enabled us to produce a look which presents itself in a visually stimulating manner, giving a voice to the brand and allowing it to clearly and confidently tell potential viewers what the business represents.

The web design was structured consistently with this style, with sections titled in a similarly clear and bold fashion. Each section on the site had imagery dedicated to promoting its key message, with a hint of green incorporated into the image as a mark of the brand. The use of dominant imagery and minimal text allowed for a simple user experience, allowing for a coherent insight into the workings of Rhomco.

In a similar fashion the marketing materials had strong imagery proudly displayed alongside a rich black and vibrant green. Allowing for a consistent feel regardless of how someone came into contact with the business. This extended to the Rhomco offices, with signage and wallpaper used to immerse potential and existing clients in the brand experience.

All of the works that were produced embodied quality, from attention to detail in the design, to the high standard of the final product, giving the materials a look and feel worthy of representing the business.