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RDP Lawyers

RDP Lawyers, one of Wales’ leading niche commercial law firms, required a website design which stood apart from competitors within the sector and projected their brand to market.

A small law firm who handle regional heavyweight work, RDP Lawyers needed a distinctive and intuitive website. The site would need to hold and endorse the values of the organisation while giving a clear and concise experience for the user and displaying an ‘unfettered’ and coherent interface, presenting the viewer with a well defined path through the site. In addition to endorsing RDP as a firm focusing on the commercial sector, the website needed to communicate the range of services available for individuals and families.

To further the delivery of clear messaging, each section was designed to be accompanied by strong and relevant imagery, introducing the viewer to the page and immediately placing them in context. Content on the website was structured to be minimal, allowing for shorter and stronger statements with bold messaging about RDP and the services offered, with some sections offering a quote as an insight into the section as well as the pragmatic and well trusted values of the firm. This enabled the brand messaging to be consistent across the sections with each page given its own identity without being estranged from the other pages on the site.

In the services section the navigation was structured to appeal to both corporate and individual audiences by presenting the option to the user whether to enter the ‘Personal’ or ‘Business’ section of the site. This enabled the website to channel the correct audience to the content relevant to them without the need to display all available sections. To add to the user experience, movement was also developed into the website with content being unveiled, adding interactivity and presenting information to the viewer as desired. The website was also designed and developed to be responsive, ensuring that regardless of the device on which the website was being viewed the user experience remained consistent.

The final product embodied the firms’ ideals and offered the services of the business in a style which is visually impactful, displaying the correct information to the right people.