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Pink 'n' Whites

Pink 'n' Whites approached us looking to form a creative partnership in order to ensure their brand was kept relevant and to revitalise their ageing online presence.

With a national reputation of being a classic snack-time treat, and with a loyal following, Pink 'n' Whites had a great platform from which to bring their brand to a wider audience, however, the rapidly changing nature of how business can talk to consumers and a lack of attention to the brand in the last decade meant that they needed to both refresh their brand, and to deploy a revitalised online presence.

With the initial aim of a shift in marketing to allow greater brand reach and increased exposure, we initially developed a website that would form the heart of their online presence. We started with a creation of an updated visual style featuring photos, textures, a playful typeface, retro illustration style, and a raft of quirky visual assets.

From this the website evolved, designed to create a simple sense of fun that would appeal to the target market without appearing to be childish. It was key that this was not a passive experience and, in consultation with the lead sales team and with existing loyal customers several, several new features were added including a store finder map and playful animations.

We also created a series of opportunities for users to interact adding reward to the user experience and encouraging repeat visits to the site. The first of these was the development and deployment of a branded browser based game, perfect for the snack time break, which encouraged the user to share their score and provided a chance of winning a crate of Pink ’n’ Whites each month. In partnership with the Pink ’n’ Whites development team we also developed a series of recipes using Pink 'n' Whites. Tasty photographs and a real world method formed the basis of a series of interactive ‘how to’ guides within the site, perfect for expanding brand loyalty and a genuine sense of enjoyment. These recipes were an inspiration for a lot of brand followers and we incorporated a feedback system allowing them to suggest new recipes and share images of their creations.

This opportunity for continued interaction created the opportunity for brand fans to become brand advocates amongst their wider group, a key element in ensuring a lively and genuine brand going forward.

Focused on harnessing this brand interaction we helped Pink ’n’ Whites deploy across multiple social media platforms creating a playful and fresh communication strategy based on encouraging and drawing together a community of those who loved Pink ’n’ Whites whilst ensuring awareness reached those in similar targeted demographics with specific campaigns. To enable this we provided the Pink ’n’ Whites social media team with a library of custom social media images, creative suggestions on engagement, and advertising campaign management.

With the core revitalised brand in place, Pink ’n’ Whites have seen a significant increase in awareness and have a growing online community of increasingly vocal fans.