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Mid Wales Opera

Mid Wales opera required a creative partner to help them communicate with all potential audience members. A simple aim except that with opera, almost everyone has some sort of preconception.

A small independent opera company, Mid Wales Opera had the amazing and undeniably tricky goal of not just creating great opera and of taking it on tour, but also of increasing accessibility. With a yearly national tour and a raft of special events to promote, we worked with them to build communications that went beyond the conventional wisdom of selling the ‘intensity’ of opera and instead simply discarded all traditional opera tropes, focusing instead on the characters themselves and the overall narrative. This created the fascinating opportunity to instil a desire in the view without even mentioning that it was an opera. Managing every aspect of each promotion from collaborative creative meetings with directors and set designers, through concept generation, to photoshoots and collateral creation, we worked with Mid Wales Opera to build effective campaigns. Campaigns that did not sell opera, but that sold a put upon greengrocer going of a bender, jealousy destroying love, a temptress coming to a grisly end, and the absurd path to true love.

Alongside these campaigns was Mid Wales Opera’s 25th anniversary, a terrific milestone that required both an advertising campaign of its own and a mark that allowed for wide ranging integration with production promotions. The solution was a ticket inspired logo to mark the performances and advertising based on everything that was experienced by the cast, crew, and audience during those performances.

This new communication approach and overall brand strategy helped create a steady year on year increase in numbers and culminated in one of the most critically well received touring productions of the year, with both national news coverage and their first performance in the capital for a decade.

“These are amazing!” Holly, Head of marketing, MWO